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Small cage steamed buns have their own shape everywhere in the country, and they are liked by people in the morning, lunch and dinner. Eating steamed buns is the best choice for people who are pressed for time. It has noodles, meat, vegetables, and a glass of milk or hot soybean milk. Perfect matching is enough! It seems easy to make small cage bags, because it only consists of two parts, one is the skin made of dough, the other is the chopped stuffing, which can be steamed in a pot together. But how to make the bun look soft and tender like the new cotton floss, like Tianfang steamed bun, and taste it fragrant, oily and not greasy, but it has some knowledge.
Steamed bun filling method:
1. Wash and chop pork, then put in salt and soup or water, and stir with chopsticks in the same direction. This step is called "drawing water". Water should be added slowly several times until the meat filling is sticky and smooth.
2. Put the meat filling with water and add other materials, such as monosodium glutamate, pepper, thirteen incense, raw soy sauce, etc. How much seasoning should be put in the pork sauce can be grasped according to the usual experience;
Steamed bun skin practices:
第一; 汤面的和法,
First, soup noodles and the law.
The boiling water is slowly poured into the flour in a circular way, then the flour and the boiling water are stirred into a dough with a scraper, and the dough is cooled at room temperature.
Second, the law of hairdressing.
1. 酵母掺于干面分中拌匀;
1. Mix yeast in dry flour.
2. Mix dry flour with fine sugar, pour warm water, stir all the materials into a ball with chopsticks or hands, and finally knead the loose dough into a complete dough until it is bright.
3.将面团移至桌面,与上一步骤放凉后的烫面面团重叠在一起,然后用双手将两种面团搓揉成均匀光滑状,放在室温下松弛 10分钟;
3. Move the dough to the table and overlap it with the hot dough after cooling in the previous step. Then rub the dough into a smooth shape with both hands and relax at room temperature for 10 minutes.
4. Knead the loose dough into a strip, then divide the dough into equal doses (size controlled by oneself). Flatten the small dosage. Then roll the dough with a rolling stick to form a thin piece around the middle thickness, wrap it in the prepared meat filling, fold and turn the wrapper skins to knead well.
5. Put the wrapped buns in the steaming cage and leave space for each other. Cover the steaming cage and wake up for 20 minutes.
6. When the steamed buns are ready to wake up, put cold water in the pot, and put the steamer into the pot. After the water boils, turn to the fire and continue steaming for 8-10 minutes, about 15 minutes.
7. Steamed steamed buns should not be opened immediately. After turning off the fire, they should be steamed for a few minutes before opening. At this time, the appearance of steamed buns is soft, white and tender, like cotton floss. When they taste fragrant, oily and not greasy, they will be out of the cage. I hope you like them.
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